Approaching apprehension 

Approaching apprehension 

Yesterday I was approached in the street by two guys. I have been unsure how to react to them really. Tossing up the situations. As I’ve touched on before, I do worry about the way men treat women still nowadays. But I’m also pretty open to talking, which I have to be as an aspiring journalist. I’ll let you know my thoughts, but first take a read of what happened:

I was first approached by someone who asked if I was French. This was quite amusing as 1) I don’t look French in the slightest and 2) someone approached me the other week and asked if I was Polish. So I said no. He told me he’d seen me a couple of times, and asked me to guess where he was from. His mother was German, and he said some other things about his origins. But I wasn’t listening, I was more concerned about getting to The Works so I could sort my friend’s birthday present. Then he asked the usual questions, like where I’m from and what course I’m studying. “Have you been to The Pudding Pantry, and had one of their Mocha Frappacinos?” I said no, and he asked me to get one with him. Having a boyfriend I naturally said no. But apparently he wasn’t interested in love, he just wanted to get to know me. After a game of deciding who would pay for whose drinks, we added each other on Facebook and parted ways.

The second one was a bit different. I was walking back from Tesco (after a very successful reduced shop). Someone shouted ‘Hey!’, hollering loudly. I turned around, just because it was so loud and abrupt, not because I thought it was directed at me. But I turned around and he was talking to me. He asked what my name was. No no, he didn’t ask. Demanded to know what my name was, in the most arrogant and rude voice you’d have ever heard. I said I was in a rush, turned around and walked off. For about ten seconds after I did so, he screamed at me to come back.

I did not.

Now my initial reaction to the first incident. I got my boyfriend to call me, whilst I explained to him what happened. Asking him to stay on the phone with me, so that other people wouldn’t approach me. I’m not sure what I wanted him to give me. Comfort or whatever. I just felt unsafe, and had a bad feeling. He was on the phone when the second guy approached me.

When I first rang, he thought I was being a bit silly. Take the compliment, should be happy instead of weirded out. Then when the second guy approached me, he understood. As a girl, it is hard not to be sceptical for safety with that kind of thing. You don’t know if they’re going to mug you, or worse.

But you know what? I think that it’s good, that people still have confidence to approach people nowadays. In the world of Tinder and other love apps, it’s so easy to hide behind a screen and exert your feelings in that way. Obviously those apps are good for exploring what’s out there, or if you’re shy. But there’s nothing wrong with just having a real life conversation with someone who looks interesting to you, trying to get to know them. Don’t shout at us. We aren’t animals. Just show us a little respect, and actually we are alright.

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