The Pub: Waiting for it all to blow over…

The Pub: Waiting for it all to blow over…

First off, sorry I haven’t written anything for ages. I have been kind of taking a step back, I suppose, since I’ve been home. When I’m at uni, I’m constantly on the go. Never knowing what’s going to happen, but always just moving. But at home, I’ve kind of come back down to earth a bit.

I’ve gone back to my job at the local pub. I worked there for over a year, before leaving for various reasons. It’s been so nice saying hello to all the regulars again, to my work colleagues. One of them did a double take when they saw me, and I’ve never seen anyone do a double take in real life before. It has changed slightly in the months I’ve been gone. It’s improved and changed and grown in ways I’m incredibly proud of. The food is better, the atmosphere is richer. Even before I started, after reading the latest reviews, I knew it was the pub I wanted it to turn back into again. Because whilst I was there the first time, it was relatively neglected.

The new staff are different, but they’re honest and hardworking people. The thing about running a pub or working in one is that you have to have a particular passion for it to really understand why it’s such an experience. One of my co workers said to me that they’ve all been doing it since they were babies. And I can tell. Not with the perfection of their pints, but how angry that get at errors, how much interest they take in the guests. It is not something you can train people to feel. The love and pride in work is something you don’t see in masses of professions. But you do in this.

The regulars are still in the same. They come on the same days, have the same meals. They still recognised me, after being away for months. Even the ones I barely spoke to have given me nods or smiles. It’s family, the pub trade is. Everyone knows everyone and that’s the best part. From the group in their fifties, who crowd round table 61 and drink their poisons. From the man who can talk for hours, on his own but never alone. It makes the job so enjoyable, seeing these people that are less like customers and more like friends.

Even though there have been moments where I’ve looked at the pub floor and genuinely felt like being swallowed up because it’s so messy… It’s been a pleasure being back. After working and studying in a bustling city, it’s been a real humbling reality check. I’m back to earth, now I think. I have had a chance to breathe, away from the high maintenance life I lead in Nottingham. Sure, it’s been no winter break in the Alps, or in Spain doing some exotic thing or another. But you know what? I wouldn’t have spent it any other way.

Anyone fancy a pint?

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