On the move…

On the move…

Photo credit: Patrycja Boryka

In Nottingham, all roads lead to Rome. I suppose you can say that about all places, but for me I have really discovered this here. I come from a small parish village, where the next available city is arguably equally as tiny. This revelation of coming to a big city with marvellous nooks and crannies never ceases to take my breath away.

This week I have done masses of exploring. Poor shoe choices and aching legs did not fail to stop me being encapsulated. I also have been working with the wonderful technology of the iPhone 3 (my technology technicalities are a story on their own), so I got to breathe in the atmosphere of everywhere rather than being distracted by social media. Phones cannot really capture a feeling.

The first day, we explored an area called Hockley, which is just outside of the city centre. It has an urban, cat-cool feel to it, but at the same time you feel welcome. There was vintage and charity shops galore, which made for some very interesting discoveries. A shop called Ice Nine was my kind of place, which had everything from records to unicycles. It kind of reminded me of those shops you find on holiday, that are filled with everything that could possibly attract tourists. It worked though, having a charm to it that immediately takes your interest, filled with racks of goodies you can flick through for hours.

Photo credit: Patrycja Boryka

We went through different alleyways, just looking for places to take some nice photos for my friend’s portfolio. We stumbled on a particular piece of graffiti called ‘The Unusual Suspects’, which was a depiction of puppet caricatures (one was Mr T). A quick Google search brought me to his blog, and it turns out he’s a really prominent urban artist called Kid30. He’s done tons of pieces across the country, and loads of instantly recognisable stuff in Nottingham (like the Ugly Bread Bakery, 200 Degrees coffee shop). It’s little findings like this that confirm with me how much I want to be a journalist, as I imagine he’d be a really interesting person to interview. Maybe I’m developing that journalistic sixth sense.

A couple of days later, we were once again went on a journey in an obscure part of Nottingham. This time, we all bundled up into an Uber and went to a dog show, once again for my friend (for her assignment). It was a beautiful day, we’d packed a picnic. There were dogs of all calibre, with big grins on their faces. It was held at this great building called Newstead Abbey, which looked like it’d be lovely to have a historic tour of.

But we are not going there again. At least not until one of us can drive. You see, the problem with Uber is that it has to be in the area to pick you up. Whilst in the middle of busy Nottingham you can get one, in the middle of nowhere you cannot get one. And so we were left what to do, with the prospect of a three hour walk back with heavy camera equipment looming over us…

At home, I could not count the times I would lounge on the sofa and complain about being bored. Since being at university, there is rarely a time I am doing nothing. Whether it’s gallivanting somewhere new or being stranded, I am always on the move.

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