Phones aren’t another limb. 

Phones aren’t another limb. 

The other day, I hung out with one of my best friends from home. He complained afterwards that I was on my phone too much, and of course with me being quite defensive, we had an argument about it. It’s not very often I back down when I believe I’m right. This time though? I did. He had a point. I do use my phone too much.

I have only had a phone since I was sixteen. It’s a funny story actually, I finished early because I was crap at my job (… McDonalds), and I got on the bus that didn’t go to my village. I thought I knew the way back though, but an hour later following road signs I realised I did not. My parents were worried, and when I explained what happened, they caved in and got me a phone that day. So I’m not one of those ‘millenials’ who just has almost grown up with technology.

But it does scare me how attached nowadays I am to my phone. The life I lead currently wouldn’t be possible without having a phone. As a university student, I have friends from all over, and who I like to keep in touch with when I’m here there and everywhere. I can email my tutors quickly. As a journalism student, I actually had my first phone interview the other day that would not have happened if it wasn’t for my phone. The information just at the finger tips is marvellous, and something that we as people are so so lucky to be alive to see the evolution of.

It’s helpful. But at the same time, I do feel detached from the world sometimes with it. When Prince Harry came to my university city Nottingham, I was livid that I didn’t get a good shot on my phone because I was pushed by other people. But I should have been more appreciative of the moment itself. And sometimes I feel like I miss out on the wonderful stuff that goes on around me because, generally, I’m more concerned about what my friends are saying. As a journalism student, my class and I were told we would develop a ‘sixth sense’ for stories just by looking around us. I’m dying to learn, and I feel like I can do that a bit already. But deep down I know that I won’t learn everything from my phone, no matter how much power it holds.

So… What’s the point of this post then?

I can’t say that I’ll give up my phone for a week or some other ‘brave’ technological feat. I could do that, but it’d be an awkward week and I’d only be reinforced with lessons I already know I need to follow.

It’s all about balance. Phones aren’t another limb. They’re just an add on to every day lives. And it’s certainly difficult to survive without them. But I’m writing this so you all remember that it’s okay to leave your phone at home whilst you go for a meal. Or to walk around the streets not plugged in. Or to just… Breathe air and not pixels. The Internet may be an ocean, but we are humans, not fish.

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