Homeward bound

Homeward bound

I’m sitting in the railway station.

Got a ticket to my destination.

On a tour of one-night stands my suitcase and guitar in hand.

And every stop is neatly planned for a poet and one-man band.

Homeward bound.

This song rang through my mind as I headed on a train, home. I’ll be home for a bit, before going back to Nottingham for a meeting, before going back home again, before going to France.

I couldn’t be more excited about where my life is right now.

For me, university was such a gamble. My parents told me it wasn’t a good idea. I had my own little brother tell me that he didn’t want to go because ‘dad said it was bad’. It’s hard to go and follow your dreams with such a negative backing.

But you know what? I had other people tell me I’d come out of my shell. Blossom.

I think on a great level I have. If you’re reading this as someone from my high school, you will know I was pretty much a quiet kid who wasn’t really anything. And I had those memories going into university, wondering if I’d be faced with the same situation.

But I’ve become a greater version of myself. I’ve got confidence. Whilst it’s not in bags, and I’m still reserved in places and in situations, it’s there. It has led to me being bold, in both social and professional situations. I have a group of amazing friends that will leave me in a wowsers trousers level of laughter. My boyfriend, who has given and shown me so, so much.

My CV has started to grow at a rapid pace. I’ve done work experience with a huge newspaper. I had my own student radio show. I’m now the president of the student magazine. And I’m not doing these things to brag about them. I’m doing these things because I want my life to be everything that I’d love it to be. A journalist spreading her words. I had someone tell me about a quote in an article about Nottingham, and I laughed because it was mine. So perhaps it’s the start of just that.

I’m proud and amazed of the person I have become. Never did I think that university would change me this way.

That song on the train home wasn’t going through my head because I was going home. I was thinking about it because everywhere I go now, I feel like I can make into somewhere I am comfortable and free and me. Homeward bound, wherever life takes me.

Home, where my thoughts escaping,

Home, where my music’s playing,

Home, where my love lies waiting,

Silently for me.


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