I’m writing this blog post because I have to. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had a couple of things happen to me that I need to tell the world about.

And surprise surprise, it’s all about men being misogynistic.

I apologise if this is a little ranty. But there are certain things that I absolutely will not tolerate. Women being seen as an lesser to men is one of those. I am a feminist, and I firmly believe in its true definition that men and women should be treated equally. As proud as I am of the progress that has been made in the past 100 years, we still have a long way to go. These past few weeks have only emphasised this to me.

The first instance of this I call the 7/10 incident. Any of my friends reading this will know what I’m on about. It was actually one of my friends who said it to me. We were all having prinks, and one of my guy friends goes to me: “You look really good, like a 7/10.” Naturally, I was offended. Not because I think I’m higher than a seven, but because this guy had vocalised the fact he thought it was okay to rate me. He got slaughtered for it by everyone afterwards, naturally. And he apologised. But then he kept mentioning it every time he saw me. And although I took it on the chin at first, it did get to a point where it chipped away at me. Am I just always rated by every single guy mentally always? I have major issues about not being good enough, so I did get a bit sad about it all. But I shouldn’t have felt that way. We shouldn’t be living in a society where it’s still okay to give a girl (or a boy) a number. Because everyone is so much more than that.

The second instance has been a bit of an ongoing thing. I am not going to go into masses of detail about it, but essentially a guy ‘friend’ started liking me. Then because I didn’t like him but would see other people, he said a lot of nasty things about me. He said to all of my friends at university I got with ‘anyone else but him’ and that I am a ‘slag’, amongst other horrible things. These things are not true, just to clarify. Not at all. But so what if they were? No matter what a woman does with other men, it doesn’t automatically mean other men are entitled to do the same. That’s the most backward, misogynistic thing. The assumption that a man has the right to a woman. It’s literally like a hundred years ago, where women were only seen as useful in either the kitchen or the bedroom. And if they stepped out of line, woe betide them. That’s what he tried to put upon me. I’m just grateful that most people nowadays don’t see things like him, and my friends stuck up for me.

But the scary thing these guys aren’t the only ones who still have the same presumptions. I mean, hello, we have Donald Trump in power. Donald Trump, who just this week signed executive anti-abortion papers surrounded by men.

It just annoys me and angers me and astounds me that people still think like this.

I have no words at all.

(well. obviously I do).

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