A Letter to All Freshers

A Letter to All Freshers

Dear fresher,

Well, you’re here now. Too late to back out. Your parents have driven off into the distance, and left you with the mountains of stuff you forgot you had. You’re unpacking, unwrapping your new life. The flat murmurs with the sound of family tears, cardboard squashing, doors opening. How are you feeling at the moment? Scared, excited? Or maybe all your emotions are just jumbled into one box, that’s not made of cardboard and is inside your stomach. You can feel it clattering away. Your feelings, waiting to jump out like a Jack in the Box.

You find your flatmates. Perhaps you know them already from social media, or maybe you’re in for a surprise. Hey, I’m… How much stuff do you have to unpack?… Why has mum packed the whole kitchen for me?… Are we all going out later? These are the people you are going to spend the year with. In a couple of week’s time, you are going to hate them for leaving moldy saucepans to ‘soak’, or pissing in the sink when they’re drunk. But right now you are each other’s life rings, and you are all in the same boat. Swimming isn’t too hard to do when you have alcohol to soak in.

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Fresher’s night out. Your first chance to meet people. Big smiles, bottles of vodka, Everyday Value coke. Drinking in a ring of fire, spluttering never have I evers. First impressions and inhibitions slip away, and you feel like they could be your best mates for life. Getting lost in a big new city, as you stumble around in crisp new shirts and unbroken-into heels. The club is unfamiliar now, but it will be one of your stomping grounds by the end of the year.  Your bank balance dwindles. Drinks are on you, jagerbombs all around. Yes, even you random stranger.

This is the week you will always remember as a highlight of university. No matter how many mistakes you make, no matter if it feels like a dream. It defines your start, and you will always be grateful for it. It will be a week-long hangover, but a forever-long memory. Make the most of it. Once your lectures start and the deadlines hit you, you’ll wish you were back. Back to blacking out at 6am, intimate drunken chats, and having no responsibilities except for getting wasted.

Welcome to the best years of your life.

If you have any questions or need any advice about your first week, you can drop me a comment on this post, or email me on my contact page ♥

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