A world through eyes

A world through eyes

People say that your eyes are one of the most important parts of you. After all, they’re how you perceive the world, aren’t they? They trigger your tastebuds, tantalise your touch, and turn up your smiles.

For a lot of people, people take perfect eyesight for granted. “I have twenty twenty vision” my friends will smugly tell me. The world is crystal clear, and they don’t have to work for what should ultimately be a human right. The right to see and percieve things how you choose.

Unfortunately for me, I have very bad vision. Everything far away looks blurry if I don’t wear contacts or glasses. I think it’s a side effect of reading tons when I was little – the outside world was a blur when immersed in a book!

But last week, I ended up in hospital.

My eye was stinging, and I was scared a contact lense was stuck behind my eye. My vision even worse? One eye left blind? I couldn’t bear the thought. So I clambered into a taxi and rushed to hospital, for my first visit as a student.

Luckily, I only had an eye infection, and I was told to wear glasses for tqo weeks. My eye was swollen and irritable, and it wasn’t very pleasant.

But the incident has made me really think how important seeing is. Life is life if you’re blind, and of course the millions of people who are blind do still live rich and fulfilling lives.

For me, I’m still young, and have a lot of the world to still soak in. Countries I want to see the horizons of. My passion in life, writing. I can’t imagine my world without words and the ability to express myself through them.

You’re reading this article now. Look outside your window. Look at your friends and family. Don’t just glance, look… Look at it all just glow.

Please don’t take for granted the beautiful power that is taking in life through your own colourful lense. You never know when it could be taken away from you.

The tiny detail of every day
Had nothing more to give away.

Roddy Woomble, A New Day Has Begun

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