Another year of trying to be a journalist

Another year of trying to be a journalist

The year I have had at university has been a little bit mental. I’ve come out a completely different person, which has been shaped by the experiences I’ve had. But most of my experiences have come from the work I have done as a wannabe journalist, and boy have I done a lot in that respect. I thought I’d finish off my academic year by looking back on what has happened.

Starting off the year, I was a slightly unhinged Editor-in-Chief of Platform Magazine, the student publication at Trent. Having struggled with picking up the ropes over the summer, I was uncertain as to whether I was really cut out for the job. I was selling an idea to freshers, and hoping that people would believe in the vision. I worked at all the fresher stalls until my voice went hoarse and my legs ached, but we got people recruited. Then people wrote, and people worked super hard right from the get-go. I was so pleased already, and when I built up my first committee in October, I knew it was going to be the start of something really special.

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For a lot of the first half of the year, I wrote music reviews for the Nottingham Post, the regional paper here. Getting to review my all-time favourite acts such as Roddy Woomble and HIM was an absolute wonder for me. When I first saw Roddy live I thought I would pop, as his music is so beautiful, hearing it live was so mesmerising. With HIM it was a little sadder as it was their farewell tour, so when their song The Funeral of Hearts came on I did have a sob. It was a lovely way to be able to say goodbye to them by writing a review though, it felt like my way of paying homage to them.

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I wore slippers because I didn’t want to wear the heels I brought

As I’ve mentioned before, in December I was invited down to London by Sony Music to film some promo shots for my audiobooks. My first time in the big city! Luckily I had London-expert Jack with me, so I didn’t get too lost. I was so happy to meet Fay, a girl who I had only ever spoken to before online, on the writing website we both used in our teens. She was actually the first person I spoke to on there, so to come full circle was a little surreal. We got on straight away though, and the shoot was so much fun. Sony were very good to us, getting us delicious food from Whole Foods and everything. I’m still waiting on my clip, but after watching Fay’s I’m super excited for it. Our Years has done well on streaming service, and I know Purgatory will be out shortly, so I’ll write a little blog post about the process of writing them both when it’s officially out.

In January time I got a job as an Editor for the Nottingham branch of website Native. This was really exciting for me because I had always wanted a paid job doing that kind of thing. However, I really struggled to balance the commitments of that and Platform, as I knew that I wasn’t putting my full energy into both, and it would have to be all or nothing for one or the other. I was a bit gutted to have to resign as I really tried to work on balancing the two, but in the end, I knew Platform was my baby and I couldn’t abandon it.

With Platform, we released our first full-length print edition in April. This was absolutely a huge moment for me, as all our writers worked super hard and Maria our designer did a stunning job on the design. Whilst it wasn’t without its issues, being able to just push it and show people that this is what Platform is capable of doing was amazing. We released our summer edition last week, and it completely stepped it up a level as well. The design was stunning, the content was interesting… Heck, I was even in love with the paper, it was such good quality. Pick one up if you’re in Nottingham!

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Me being an emotional wreck

And, of course, I won my award for Outstanding Commitment at the Student Publication Awards. I’ve already wrote a post about it, but I mean it really was the perfect way to round off the year. I’m a hard-worker. I get things done no matter how difficult things may be, and just having my dedication recognised nationally makes me so happy.

This year has been the absolute making of me. I still have my wobbles with confidence, but compared to where I was, I am just a different person. I’ve learned so much, gained so much insight from the people around me and things that have happened to me. If this is what my second year at university had in store for me as a journalist, I just can’t wait to see what the last one will bring.

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