September Sounds ft. Travis, Babyshambles and more

September Sounds ft. Travis, Babyshambles and more

September is always quite a big month for me. Being a student it’s usually the start of term, and the fun of the summer feels like it is slipping through your fingers. When the busyness is too much, I like to immerse myself in thought-provoking music, whilst I am drinking tea and writing. These are my top September sounds, that all capture something interesting (listen to the Spotify Playlist at the end whilst/after reading!):

  • Mr Tambourine Man – Bob Dylan

bob dylan music

I love how poignant this song is. The way it just portrays a sense of loneliness, but the way music can take you to a better place, is beautiful. A classic!

  • Across the Universe – The Beatles

the beatles music

I actually first heard this song on a Samsung advert – but it was only a cover. The original with the sitars and the rawness of Lennon’s voice, is just so soothing to listen to.

  • A Lady of a Certain Age – The Divine Comedy

bbc divine comedy

Neil Hannon is masterful at storytelling in a song. When I went to see him last year, it was so entrancing listening to it. A very interesting look at the class system.

  • Tomorrow – Fredrika Stahl

fredrika stahl

This song is from French film Demain, which provides and looks at solutions to problems in the world (such as the economy, agriculture, etc). The optimism in this song is infectious.

  • Why Does it Always Rain on Me – Travis

travis music

A very appropriate song for the weather at the moment – the other day I got drenched when I was unprepared for the weather. Its emotional connotations are often relatable as well.

  • Albion – Babyshambles

pete doherty

Talk over gin in teacups and leaves on the lawn… This song is a different look at the class system, quite the opposite to The Divine Comedy song. Superbly subtle in its cleverness.

  • Like Caruso – Roddy Woomble

roddy woomble music

I recently went to see Roddy on his UK tour and got to speak to him, which was exciting as he is my favourite artist. The way he puts you in his shoes makes for easy listening.

  • There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths

the smiths music

In my living room at home, we have the chorus for this song hanging on a sign. This version’s unpolished sound adds further depth to an already bittersweet song.

  • One More Light – Linkin Park

The rush of celebrity deaths last year didn’t affect me – however, Chester Bennington’s death has really hit me. The band released this video yesterday, and it captures his character so well.

  • El Capitan Acoustic – Idlewild

idlewild music

This is one my all-time favourite songs and was one of the first Idlewild songs I ever heard. The acoustic version is so haunting, and the violin gives me shivers every time.

What songs have you been listening to this month? What sorts of meanings do they have for you? I’d love to know!



2 thoughts on “September Sounds ft. Travis, Babyshambles and more”

  • I listened a lot to Imagine Dragons (Believer, Whatever it takes, Demons, On top of the world,…)

    I love how their music is so full of deep meanings and I can relate to them a lot, they talk about all sorts of important subjects in their songs, and everyone can get a different meaning out of them.

    Their songs keep me going when I’m i a bad place or need some motivation or just when I’m happy or sad.

    • That’s so great that you’ve found a band that can help you out so much – Imagine Dragons are a really wonderful band as well 🙂 thank you for sharing this!

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