The ‘Nude’ Picture Affair

The ‘Nude’ Picture Affair
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I am not the hugest fan of Kim Kardashian. Not because I think she’s a slut or an attention whore or whatever. It’s just I simply do not have an avid interest in her. But there’s no disputing that right now she is at the absolute top of her game. She stars on currently one of the biggest reality TV shows. She’s happily married (to Kanye West, but hey, she’s happy). She’s an entrepreneur. She’s published a book. She even has her own video game, which earns her a nice little amount of money (just around $85 million). But the media and the world rarely shed a positive light on these awesome achievements of hers because they’re too busy slagging her off.  As usual.

Inspired by International Women’s Day, Kardashian posted a picture of herself on her relative social media sites baring her skin for the world:

She looks amazing. Obviously. But sadly, her picture was met with a mix of responses, with replies ranging from  ‘This day is for reserved for women who have actually achieved something in life. This is not an achievement. ‘ to ‘Hey remember, head up high standing tall, cause haters gonna hate’. After a few Twitter spats (I’m going to get onto that), she then later went on to post a slamming essay on her website about how she really does not give a fuck about what people have to say.

Take a step back here. I’m not sure I really need to point this out, but take a step back. If she was Kieran Kardashian, people would have been like ‘what a LAD’ and moved on. But dear God, a women posting a near-nude image of herself on the internet? A woman being empowered?! It’s just people like Kim Kardashian that are responsible for this world being a terrible place. Clearly. This is not the first time Kardashian has been in such a position. The sex tape that helped her get a footing on the fame ladder was a similar affair. But she’s a clever woman. She took what must have been a horrible situation for her into an opportunity that has now got her set for life. In that sense, I might be tempted to say she’s inspirational (I’m not even going to say minus the sex tape part, because people are entitled to their own sex life and turn ons and etc.).

Then for numerous celebrities to come out of the woodwork and say things like this?:

So disappointing. And slightly hypocritical of Moretz. She has been a great voice for feminism recently, and I even sat through The 5th Wave with high hopes for her. But all I saw her was trying to fuck a guy ten years older than her for the vast majority of the film. If that’s teaching young women she has so much more to offer than ‘-‘, I’ll be damned.  Female celebrities go through so many similar experiences of being exploited in terms of things ranging from pay to privacy, so it’s surprising to read that from an actress that usually seems to have her head screwed on about other matters. She did later come out on Twitter and say she never wished to slut shame mind, but the damage was done.

I’m not saying that everyone is having a jibe about this picture. To those of you who can accept a woman being happy in her skin, thank you. It’s not difficult to look at the bigger picture of society being played by the media to think that Kim Kardashian is a massive slut because they cannot accept the fact a woman can be successful despite her being ‘shamed’ by them. And the public, we are trained to think ‘slut’ at a peek of a thigh, let alone a nude picture. But haters, keep cowering behind your screens.

She is practically untouchable and unstoppable.

KKAlso, take some inspiration.


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