Instagramability and self image

Instagramability and self image

I was that skinny girl. I once had someone say to me it looked like my wrists would snap. And maybe they were right. But I always felt quite blessed during my teenage years that no matter what, I wouldn’t put on weight. I found myself relieved that I wasn’t worried about calories unlike my friends, and that I could watch TV instead of exercising.

But good things don’t always last. During my time at university, I found it easy to eat more than usual. Doughnut craving? Off to Tesco I went! This did lead to me putting on more weight, quite quickly and fast. And then getting that weight off again has been difficult to do.

perfecting that shot….

Every single day on some form of social media, there is some wonderfully-toned person, belittling me with their flatness. Of course, I know that most of these people are sucking things in or have had some computer-tampering done to them. Plus they have taken hours to get the perfect shot that doesn’t truly represent them. I know that. Yet they still make it incredibly hard to try and get more comfortable in my body.

It is so difficult to have a good self-image in a world of Instagramability. Wherever you go, feeling obligated to be a walking model. For everyone, male or female (or anything in between), there is just this pressure to be worth taking a photo of, so other people can give you a great reaction. Even when you know it’s all a trap and a vicious emotionally-draining cycle.

tap that app

I really think that Instagram should have a feature that says if a photo has been photoshopped. I know some amazingly-flattering photos are just angling, but photoshop does play a big role in presenting this false image of people. This is similar to the way magazines are now being pressured to state whether their images have been photoshopped. Right now the mask of fakeness has a hindrance on young people who will genuinely think people look like that, and it just won’t be a healthy effect.

Ultimately, self-confidence starts with you. Whilst taking things with a pinch of salt is hard, salt ultimately makes everything easier to swallow. I’m going to try and do this. Little by little, I and others with similar issues will hopefully become more accepting of ourselves.

Have any of you got self-confidence issues? Do you think Instagramability is dangerous? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Social media is much more influential than older generations give it credit for. It’s simply a world of illusion. I do think that it wouldn’t help to know that the image is photoshopped, I think it would still have an impact on the psyche of the viewer regardless. Very interesting post!

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