My first published book

My first published book

Any of my family members will tell you that ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be a writer. Well, that and a fairy. But some dreams don’t come true, unfortunately. I would scribble in books, go off on creative tangents, and create soap operas out of my Sylvanian Families. Whilst a little bit of me hoped that I would become a proper author, I as a cynical teenager decided that it was unrealistic and I’d be better off being the happy writing medium of a journalist. It turns out this is equally as hard to crack into – however it’s very enjoyable and I am loving every step so far!

This quiet dream of being an author never went away completely. When I was fourteen, I wrote my first long story. Purgatory came out at 40k words, after spending about a month doing 1.5k words a day. A day! And to think now I struggle to write an essay that long. Whilst it wasn’t shortlisted for the competition I intended it to be for, it did teach me a lot about writing, and taught me a lot about how much I can achieve when I put in a lot of work!

My best friend Molly also writes, and we would often write stories and scripts together, and read each other’s stories and give feedback (being a rebellious teen? Forget that!). We motivated each other really well, and she ended up writing a series with over 100k words, which I hope she publishes at some point! We also both did Nanowrimo one year, which is a really clever worldwide writing scheme, that aims to make you write 50k words in a month. I also had friends on writing website Movellas that I would get feedback from too, so I ended up having a super support network when it came to improving my work.

However, my big breakthrough came as quite a surprise. I wrote a story called Our Years for a competition on Movellas. Not just any competition – the world’s best One Direction Fanfiction competition!!!… I am not nor ever was in any shape or form a One Direction fan. This story doesn’t have any mention of them being in a band, I just simply took the characters and put them into my own setting. So if you changed the names, you wouldn’t know it was them. Yet, I entered this competition because the prize was a published story, which was, of course, my absolute dream.

I actually did end up winning this competition, which showed how far my writing had come between writing Purgatory when I was fourteen and writing this one when I was sixteen. Three years later, after signing a contract with Movellas and Sony Entertainment, my very first properly published story is out for everyone to listen to. I can’t describe how crazy it has been for this to happen, and to hear my story be narrated! You can check it out on Amazon, Spotify, or even on the Movellas website (and if you like that, they also took on Purgatory as an audiobook, and that’s coming out soon!).


I’m really proud of how far my writing has come, and I love the chances I have to work on and improve it as part of my degree and as part of articles I do. Even though right now the only stories I have time for are Catty and Scarlet stories in the car for my little siblings (which they always ask me for on long trips), it has definitely given me more confidence in my capabilities. And now I know that’s possible, maybe I’ll be able to become a fairy too…

(… Keep dreaming, Eve. Keep dreaming).

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