How to put a spring in your step this month

How to put a spring in your step this month

There are shiny wrappers all over your floor. Multiple shirts are stained with chocolate. That sugar hangover just won’t go away. Yes, it’s the Easter aftermath. If you’re a student, you’re likely off at the moment, so it’s easy to just lie about and graze. But when you come back to reality in a couple of weeks, assignments will magically resurface with a very-near deadline. But never fear, here are tips to put a spring in your step this month:

1) Wake up early

If you’ve eaten unhealthy food, it can become really easy to let the sluggish feeling wash over you. Waking up at midday is no good for productivity though. If you set your alarm for 8am, have a lie-in and a cup of tea for an hour before getting up, then you will have the whole day to get done what you need to.

2) A little goes a long way

We’ve all eaten an entire Easter egg in one sitting. No one is judging here. Instead of it becoming a meal, make little chunks a snack in between working, or a rewarding treat after going over something tricky. It’ll taste all the more sweet!

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3) Go for a walk

The weather is cheering up a bit more now (sometimes, anyway), which will make going for a walk refreshing. You’ll burn off those chocolate calories, plus it’ll give you energy for getting work done. Plus you’ll see all the spring flowers popping out. Win win win!

4) Plan a trip

There’s nothing like a light at the end of the tunnel to motivate you. A trip, whether it’s just a city break or a weekend getaway, will make you want to sort your workload out so you aren’t stressing over it whilst relaxing. Doing something that takes you out of routine helps give you a clear head for when you do have to go back to the grindstone.

Hopefully these tips will make you feel less like a chocolate bunny and more like an Energizer bunny! Do you do anything that helps you feel more motivated? I’d love to know in the comments!

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