Top five tips for student spending

Top five tips for student spending

Ah, it’s the end of the first term. You get to relax, stuff yourself with home food, and… oh wait you’re completely broke.


If you’re like me, anyway. But how do you stop spending so much, and start saving a little bit? Here are five tips on how to do just that:


1) Promo people

If I see those promo people on the street with paper in their hands, I’ll beeline towards them and ask what deals they’ve got. Sometimes they have other wristbands and whatnot that they aren’t offering openly, so it’s worth doing this. It can be easy to avoid them after a hard day of lectures, but if you want to let your hair down on the cheap with a couple of free drinks, it’s worth giving them the time of day.



2) Vouchers

If you go anywhere, always sign up to their mailing list. They may send you junk most of the time, but occasionally they will send you a golden voucher that will save you a bunch of money. Vouchercloud is particularly a great site to get emails from, as they send you up to date vouchers.I got a Bella Italia 50% off voucher once, and me and my boyfriend paid £4.50 each for half a pizza and vegetables! Beautiful.


3) Reduced food

Okay, hear me out. You’re not going to get poisoned if it’s one or two days out of date. Especially if you buy ‘Best before’ which just means the quality diminishes, not ‘Use by’ which could maybe be icky. Hitting the aisles in the evening means you could pick up a gold mine. Things like sandwiches and pastries (which are often reduced) will freeze as well, so you can eat them later. Or if you pick up veg, you can cook them into a stir-fry or curry and freeze that too. Winner winner, reduced dinner.

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4) Impulse buying

Don’t do it. It’s so easy to be out shopping, whether it’s for food or for anything else, and think you need something you probably don’t. When food shopping, make a list of essentials and stick to a budget. If you really fancy those mini rolls next week, put them on the list. When clothes shopping, if you see something expensive you really like save a little bit of money each week to go towards it. When you really can afford it, it will feel like more of a reward.


5) Don’t stress too much

As a student, it can be really scary to know that you’re being self-sufficient, and when you can see the bank balance is low it can have a detrimental effect on your well-being. Just remember that this is a learning experience, and the rookie spending mistakes you’re making now you’ll not continue to make once you’ve already done them… Hopefully, anyway!


Have you struggled to save this term? Or have you got any better tips for saving? Let me know in the comments!

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