This is a little taster of my experience as a journalist so far. To read more about what I’ve done and if you’re interested in contacting me for work, you can view my CV: Eve Smallman CV.


Platform Magazine

I am the 2017 editor-in-chief for Nottingham Trent Student Union’s official magazine Platform. I have been responsible for promoting the brand, recreating the website, bringing it back into print and encouraging people to join. These are few of the articles I have written so far for it – and I do read over each article that is on there to make sure it is perfect for publishing!

The Chase: Interview http://www.platformmagazine.co.uk/music/the-chase-interview/

A guide to ‘getting off’ safely:¬†http://www.platformmagazine.co.uk/travel-and-lifestyle/a-guide-to-getting-off-safely/

Roddy Woomble’s The Deluder: Review:¬†http://www.platformmagazine.co.uk/music/roddy-woombles-the-deluder-review/

Campus Society

A few articles I have written for Tyro Magazine, a branch of popular university app Campus Society:

Best Cocktail Bars in Nottingham: https://www.campussociety.com/post/152774

What it’s like working at the medical tent at Download: https://www.campussociety.com/post/152724

Organising hacks for students: https://www.campussociety.com/post/152349

You can read more by checking out my profile on it here!

Nubi Magazine

I worked here for about 9 months when I was sixteen, and was my first real taste of the magazine world. I was really lucky to be picked to be part of the 16-person team, after they whittled down the original bunch of 50-odd!

Since when was commercialising rape okay?: https://www.nubimagazine.com/commercialising-rape-never-okay/

Review: Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer: https://www.nubimagazine.com/author/eve-smallman/

Generation Sex and Its Effects: https://www.nubimagazine.com/generation-sex-effects/

You can check out more on my profile here

The Tab Trent

I wrote a couple of articles for university student media outlet The Tab, which both were quite popular in both my hometown and my university town – it was madness seeing my article being shared by my Facebook friends left right and centre!

10 things you should know before going to Trent: https://thetab.com/uk/trent/2017/02/08/10-things-know-going-trent-10853

Hold a candle for Lichfield: https://thetab.com/uk/trent/2016/10/25/hold-candle-lichfield-tiniest-greatest-town-england-10000

Nottingham Post


I wrote a few articles during my time doing work experience at regional newspaper the Nottingham Post, however, I cannot locate the online ones as they recently updated their website! However never fear, I will be doing more experience with them later on in the year as part of my course, and I have started to do music reviews for them. For now, here is a picture of the ones I had published in print:

Roddy Woomble at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms – Review: http://www.nottinghampost.com/whats-on/music-nightlife/roddy-woomble-rescue-rooms-nottingham-651092