France was a dream. I’m sitting on my sofa at home flicking through the memories, and this time last week I was sitting on a balcony drinking rose, with a sea view.

Every day was something a little different, that had a big impact on me.

The scenery never ceased to amaze me. Everywhere I turned, it was a different view. Cannes is of course famous for its film festival, and buildings are plastered with fantastic paintings with reference to this (zoom in on the cover photo and see which characters you recognise!). To see iconic streets and places was very exciting. A slice of history was also found just across the ocean – Saint Marguerite’s tale of the Man with the Iron Mask made for a very fascinating trip. And even beyond all that, the more natural side of Cannes is a sight to behold in itself.


The Cannes La Bocca market was amazing. In Lichfield, where I’m from, we have a tiny market in front on the church. In Cannes La Bocca? The market spread out for miles. It was bountiful, with rows of rich foods and clothing stalls more interesting than the high streets filled with the same old… yes, I’ve added a fair few items to my wardrobe! We walked around a good five times, and never got bored – there was always something that caught the eye.


And of course, me being a food fiend, I cannot forget the delectable things it has to offer. On the first day we entered a fab cheese shop, that punched you with the scent as soon as you stepped in. When we went to the posh side of Cannes, we delved into a macaroon shop that was the definition of elegance. We also ate at some fantastic restaurants – New York New York was a highlight, with the goats cheese and acacia honey pizza being beyond a description.


I’ve been asked if it was what I expected. But the truth is, I had no expectations. I went in with my eyes wide open, and I came back again with them filled with wonder.

Cannes… I hope I will be seeing you again very, very soon.

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