"The distance is nothing when one has a motive"

"The distance is nothing when one has a motive"


I think most girls have imagined what it’s like to be in simillar times to Pride and Prejudice. Beautiful scenery, pretty dresses… Of course there’s the oppression of women as well. But focus on the nice bit for now. Last week I headed to two houses reminiscent of the past, and showed this in beautiful, regal ways.

I headed to Chatsworth first, which was really exciting for me as I’ve always wanted to go but never been. But thankfully, it was everything I had envisioned (…although it tipped it down when we arrived!). The household was fabulously intricate, and there was a fashion exhibit on that showed how trends have changed throughout time. It was quite difficult to take photos as the house was so dark, to preserve the century-old pieces in the house. I believe I got some interesting shots anyway:

Just around the riverbend…


The perfect library


A pillar of history

Am I too tiny for this dress? Yes.

The devil’s in the detail


Coincidentally, I went to Hardwick Hall a few days later, which acted as sort of a sequel to Chatsworth. This is because a previous owner of Chatsworth, Beth Hardwick, moved to a place of her own. She planned exactly how she wanted her house to look – lucky her could afford to after having four husbands! It made me laugh that the initials read ES at the top, which are my initials as well. Again I had the lighting issue, but luckily the outside was just as gorgeous as the inside:

Sit back, relax…


Reckon they’d let you toast marshmallows?

Framed by a summer’s day

A fairy trail


Hardwick Hall/Malfoy Manor

I personally don’t think I could live in a house quite that big or intricate – I’m hopeless with directions and I’m a member of the Clumsy Club (a family trademark). It is still wonderful visiting these places though, and basking in the history and culture they have to offer – whether the English weather is being generous or not!

“The distance is nothing, when one has a motive” – Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin

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