Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Today I went to the beautiful Kenilworth Castle, which is just near Warwick. I’ve been hankering to go for ages, as the romance story behind it with Elizabeth the 1st has always enchanted me. Today the castle deviated away from this element, and held a medieval day. This was interesting as whilst that element was good entertaining, it still was very educational. But I drifted away from the fancy dress and graviated towards the flowers. So here are some pictures that hopefully begin to express the beauty of the castle grounds:


Gates to the Elizabethan Gardens

An arch is an arch is an arch

A tree proud to be next to the castle

I see trees of green, and skies of blue

A cross the castle

Towering over

A path to perfection

Step up to the play

There are places like these all over England, and it’s so easy to forget they exist when everywhere is full of concrete and glass. However, taking a step back in time, taking in that scenery, is the best way to get back to the heart of what England is. And what is that? It is elegance… Even in the most difficult of times.

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