France 1, 2, 3

France 1, 2, 3

Day 1: Arriving


When we first booked the flight, Jack and I both laughed at the thought of getting up at 4 in the morning to catch the flight. We were wrong. It was quite painful having to muster the courage to open my eyes. Jack was fine, saying he loved getting up so early (he later retracted this statement when we got to the airport). We made it onto the flight, drifting between sleep and eating our meal deals.

Once we landed, we had a bit of difficulity finding the bus station. Initially we thought the only bus there was was a 22€ one (gasp!), but we soon found the cheap 1.50€ one that took double the time (which was okay, as we hustled our way to the seats). When we arrived in Cannes, we walked through the town to get to the flat we’re staying at. Jack said it wasn’t too long a walk.

It was a very long walk. Like, an hour.

Luckily the beautiful scenery kept us occupied, and we made it there eventually. The shuttle bus caught up to us just as we got to the last big bit of hill, and we hopped on to get there. After unpacking and napping, we went into town again to pick up bits and bobs for dinner. Jack’s parents had kindly left us enough food to work with, so we only got some salad, ice lollies and drinks. The day ended with a big plate of pasta, covered with cheese.

Day 2: Water

We decided to head to the pool that’s located on the apartment complex, for a cooling start to the day. I couldn’t stop smiling as I stepped into the water, met with the gorgeous view of the sea, unfurling from the edge of the pool. I was quite happy just to bob about on the water, but Jack was doing full on rolls under water, handstands, the lot! Swimming is exhausting though, so after a couple of hours of it we headed back and had a camembert salad.

In the evening we got the bus to Cannes La Bocca, where it’s a little less fancy but still very nice. We had cocktails at a little cafe – a pina colada and a cobra, both which hit the spot just right. The beach there was lovely, full of big rocks that you could just clamber on, sitting and gazing at the ocean (which we did). I’ve never seen a view quite like it.


We headed back to the main part of Cannes for dinner, as the hours had flown by just simply walking on the beach. After walking by all the fancy restaurants, we settled on a little joint where I had a panini, and we shared chips and an oreo doughnut. My small legs couldn’t handle the walk back again, having already done seventeen thousand steps, so we hailed a taxi and headed back for card games and late-night-self-made cocktails (strawberry squash, iced tea and gin… yum!).

Day 3: Beach

Jack asked me what I wanted to do today. I replied, “Nothing that requires too much walking.” The night before a load of party animals kept us up, so today has been a bit of a lazy one. We decided to head to the other beach, a five-minute walk from the flat. Armed with an umbrella and a bag of essentials, we headed down the hill.

I’ve never properly swum in the ocean, so it was a bit of a shock to me to dive into the salty water. After getting a load in both my eyes and my mouth, I decided to stick with just floating on the inflatable crocodile. I was laughing so much whilst trying to perch myself onto Mr. Snappy (yes I named him). We bobbed quite far out, and could even see our balcony!

We then headed for one of the kiosks for a bite to eat. There’s loads of them all dotted along the stretch of beach. I’ve slowly been able to work out where I am depending on what number kiosk we have passed. I had a beautiful mozzarella, goats cheese, and camembert panini. After a nap on the beach under the umbrella, we walked home again, just in time for the sky to cloud over…

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