Cannes do attitude

Cannes do attitude

When you have two essays due and a summer edition of a magazine to finish, what do you do? You jet off to France, that’s what you do. I was very fortunate to be able to go on holiday to Cannes with my lovely boyfriend Jack and his family as I did last year.

Plane, view, Cannes, France, total for tea
Beep beep

Before we got on the plane, it was all giggles, as we had a glass of wine each at Spoons and Aperol on the plane. When we got off the plane, it was slightly less giggles as we went on the wrong side of the road and missed our bus by an hour. We hung around the airport for an hour, before getting on the next one. Which stopped about 50 times before we got to Cannes. Felt like a hundred! But when we got there, we could hear music coming from down the road. ‘Take on me’. The film festival was wrapping up, and everyone was humming along to the classic tune. Celebrities swanned on the red carpet, and Jack sweared he saw Mike Tyson. After a little while, we headed to Maccies (15€ for wraps, chips, and a drink and ice cream to share, mon dieu!), then headed back to the apartment for some much needed rest.

Boy, Cannes, France
Say hello to my resident photographer

When we went to the supermarket the next day, the food was just as expensive there. Vegetables cost loads, but surprise surprise, cheese and wine were super cheap. No prizes for guessing what we lived on for a few days (for those of you panicking about my arteries and liver, we got some tinned veg and lemonade too). Oh, and the tastiest creme brulee ice cream. Then for breakfast we had fresh crunchy baguettes from downstairs. Is your tummy rumbling yet? Yeah, mine too.

Ice cream, total for tea, Cannes, France
Me with my one true love: ice cream

One of my favourite things to do in France is have a dunk in the pool. I’m not the strongest swimmer, but by god when you get to the edge of the pool and see the view of the Cannes sea, it’s one of the most beautiful things to behold. Having a dunk in the sea is also gorgeous, but we were blessed with rain for a couple of days, so when we did get to do that it was freezing.

When Jack’s family arrived, we were saved from our two euro wine and treated to some really lovely stuff. They were incredibly generous, not just for stuffing the cupboards, but for treating me on this holiday that I never would have had otherwise. We played lots of card games and Scrabble (the latter in which I failed at miserably – a journalist, losing at Scrabble!), and had good fun.

Cannes, France, view, total for tea
That view tho

For Jack’s dad’s birthday, we went to the beach club – which as the name implies, is a club on the beach. Sunbeds by the sea, iced coffee, gorgeous salads and ice cream… It was a stunning day. We all ended up beetroot red as we all didn’t realise how hot the sun was, but thankfully mine turned to tan. I also went girly shopping with Jack’s mum and went to the Cannes Le Bocca market, where she got me a pretty star scarf and goats cheese snack, and I bought some sweets for my family back home.

Yes, Cannes, you did it again. You took on me, took me on, and I was gone in a day or two. But the days I was there were fabulous, the perfect end to what has been an amazing university year (which I’ll talk about in my next blog post). Who can complain about doing their essay when they’re in one of the most gorgeous places in France?

Cannes, France, view, total for tea
Take me on.

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  • I mean I am planning on going to France in Jan for my 21st, Paris specifically but now after reading this and seeing all of your posts on insta I would love to go to Cannes! Glad you had fun! xx

    • Oh that would be a lovely trip! Cannes is lovely, lots of shops and things to do, worth a visit 😊. Thank you! Xxx

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