I went to the Pusheen Cafe in Brighton and wow I had a cute time

I went to the Pusheen Cafe in Brighton and wow I had a cute time

I’ve always thought Pusheen was adorable. She’s a little bit chunkier and a little bit sassier than Hello Kitty, and I resonate with that as a person. I got a Pusheen backpack for my birthday, and coincidentally a few days later I found out about a Pusheen cafe that had popped up in Brighton. The Instagram feed just was so sweet, and I decided that I had to go.

Did I travel nearly 200 miles across the country in order to go see it? Absolutely.

When we went in during lunchtime, it was jam-packed. The store was actually quite small, and it was very difficult to move around. But the cute merchandise made up for it a bit. I soon clocked that there was a waiting list to go into the cafe. The waitress said the next reservation slot was in two hours. My boyfriend looked at me as if to say no. I said of course that was not a problem.

We returned after swanning around Brighton for a bit (which I will write about when I have some more energy and time). The store was quieter, which meant I could seriously assess which items I wanted to buy. I ended up getting a cuddly Pusheen with a cupcake for my sister, and a pretty notebook and gel pens for me. Who says writing notes at work can’t be cute?

While we were waiting to speak to the waitress again, one girl next to us started crying because she hadn’t made a reservation but really wanted to go to the cafe. She was my age. I didn’t know how far she’d travelled and I probably would have been a bit miffed if I’d travelled and couldn’t get in. But rules are rules, and it did say on the website to expect a wait.

When we were taken upstairs, I was surprised at how empty it was. Apart from another couple and a group, we were the only people there. Which was good for me because it meant I could get my Instagram shot, but considering the demand to get in I was expecting it to be packed.

The prices were quite expensive, but I suppose it wasn’t ordinary food. It was Pusheen food. We settled on sharing an ice cream sundae (£9), and I had a hot chocolate with whipped cream (£3.50). Jack had a watermelon drink (£3.50), but it wasn’t cute enough so it had to be out of the photo. The sundae was sweet and refreshing – a mixture of sorbet, ice cream and macaroons – and was very nicely presented. After we finished we faffed about taking photos. The waiting staff very kindly took this one of us:

Even the toilets were cute!

pusheen cafe total for tea
Also cute

Overall, I was very impressed with both the concept and the execution of the cafe. It was really nice going to a cafe that was clearly half-built for Instagram and not having a huge wait. There’s a lot to do in Brighton besides this as well, which I will be writing about in a blog post in the next couple of weeks. If you want to go for the Pusheen theme you better hurry though – the creators Artbox have said it guarantees it will be this theme for September and October, but after that, it may change. But whatever it will be next, you can bet your cotton socks it will be just as lovely.

Pusheen Cafe website

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